“Your reading was so right on, I felt goosebumps.”–A.S.


“Thank you for the wonderful insight to my soul’s family and path.  Great insight and confirmations.  My head is still exploding so I definitely got a BIG download…Thank you for the gentle and loving guiding process you took me through. What a wonderful gift.” –Gladys


“I really appreciate your reading yesterday.  I felt my heart space so clearly this morning.  It was a very profound reading.  I am looking forward to more readings!!!”–Khris Fuller


“I have had several readings from Cynthia. This weekend she looked at my health issues and her insight was right on.  It hit an  `ah ha’ feeling in me.  And her guided healing meditation to help me reconnect to my Higher self was amazing. It felt so good and  activated a huge energy shift in me. I felt like I could walk on water.  Am carrying that in the world.” —   Amber D.


“As a spiritual entrepreneur I often seek  guidance from the higher realms in the form of inspiration to continue the work in this physical plane. Cynthia Starborn clearly opened a channel to my higher self… and I am deeply and forever changed. Cynthia brings professionalism and sacred energy that made me feel comfortable and inspired that I’m on the right path.  I highly recommend Ms. Starborn for your soul journeys to your best self.  

Blessings to you on your path, 

Adam Marchacos

“Divine intervention happened to me when I met with Cynthia and got a series of sessions with her.  My long-held heaviness and unfulfilled feelings in my heart and psyche have gone away and been replaced with the light and joy-filled feelings that I had wanted to reconnect with.

“I am certain that Cynthia has a gift from Heaven that would help you to reconnect with your true essence that awaits to be revealed as your birthright.  Cynthia is a highly intuitive, gentle, sincere, talented healer and spiritual communicator.” Emi Kanayama


“Cynthia Starborn is one of the  most benevolent beings I have ever met.  Always guided by the Divine, she is highly intuitive and offers pure wisdom to her clients.  Carrying the highest level of integrity in her work, she is the essence of `Love in Action’.  Her passion and joy for children offers a safe space for them to discover and blossom into their truest self.  Cynthia is a beacon of light for those searching to understand themselves and their life purpose more clearly.”  —Danielle Marie


“I enjoyed the opportunity and freedom to express a deeper part of myself through the facilitation, safe space, and playful materials Cynthia provided…I also appreciated the connection and support from Cynthia and the other participants.” –S.B.

“Your group has been a great teacher and inspiration.  Thank you.”  -Faye


“Hi Cynthia,

You’re truly a gifted channel, healer and speaker!  I felt a lot of energy during the call, as well as saw visions and began to open up again to my greater mission here on earth.


Bhavana Chawla”


“Wonderful call Cynthia!!!!   I loved it so much!  Thank you so much for bringing your gifts, your love, light, wisdom and your presence to the world!  That call was so right on for me!  I so look forward to more connection!

Love and Light,


“Dear Cynthia,

Thank you very much for inviting me to another beautiful call. Your meditation on the last call helped me very much, for I could connect very deeply with my youngest son. Unfortunately, I cannot be live on the calls, as they are during the night in Germany, but it doesn’t matter, as there is no time and space in a spiritual sense and the energy is transmitted anyway.

Love and blessings,

Lars Frieske”


“Excellent call, Cynthia… I enjoyed your processes.”–Margaret