May 26, 2014


Dear Soulful Friends,

However you are spending the Memorial Day holiday today,

I do invite you to make it a holy-day…

and to consider what you, as a veteran Light-worker on this planet,

personally choose to commemorate in your life.

What is it that is worthy of being cherished and re-membered?

As “warriors for Light,” most of us have experienced some “battle scars” in our lives,

and have built “memorials” of some sort to honor that. 

We remember the times when we felt like we were “shot down” when we tried to shine our Light,

and we put wreaths on the part of us that felt, in that moment, like it died.

Yet what if we committed to healing those wounds, and ending the cycle of pain and suffering?  What if we began building “memorials”, from this point forward, to happiness and joy?

I encourage you to join me tonight at 7 pm PST for a transformative telecall, “A Memorial for Joy.”  Whether you attend the live call or listen to the recording afterwards,

you will receive deep soulful support to heal your “battle scars”

and shift into a new and happier Light-worker “campaign.”

I honor you for your veteran service on this planet. 

Together, let’s join ranks and walk into a new field of joy.


Cynthia Starborn

Soul Guide and Teacher

“Opening the door to your soul’s highest potential”




Listen to the Song of the Stars…and the Song of your Soul!

October 27, 2013

Dear Soul Friends,

Do you feel inspired when you look up into the stars at night?

Recently I came across some “galactic music videos” featuring various star “songs”, made visible through a special instrument called the Cymascope.  Feel free to watch theseunique, “stellar music videos” here:

For me, each “song of the stars” is like a sweet souvenir of our cosmic origins.  It’s also a gentle invitation for each of us to bring our galactic nature into human form here

I invite you to take a deep breath, and consider:  Are you singing the “song of your soul” right now?  Are you showing up in your full kaleidoscope of soul-colors?  What does the “music video” of your life look like right now?


If you’d like support in creating greater harmony , flow, and fulfillment of dreams in your own “music video,” feel free to reach out to me for a private soul session!  

Together, we can take a soul journey to your star-family of origin, or to other places in the multi-verse that your soul is longing to reconnect with, so that you can bring the gifts & wisdom of those realms back here to support your path now.


It is always heart-warming to see how star-travel to your galactic “home,” combined with a clearing of your Akashic Record, can support you in shifting old patterns and opening up to new and more expansive paths in your Earth “home-life.”

And all for less than the price of an airline ticket…with no need to pack your bags! 

 Reserve your “seat” now!

Here’s to YOU shining and singing the “song of your soul”!


Cynthia Starborn

Soul Guide and Teacher

Akashic Records Soul Clearing

“Opening the door to your soul’s highest potential”




 October 5, 2013

Dear Soul Friends,

In this time of apparent federal “shut-down” here in the US,

may your heart and soul remain open to LOVE!

If there are any parts of you that are feeling fear, overwhelm, anger,

or other forms of constriction,

keep breathing in the wisdom of LOVE

so that your SOUL GOVERNMENT can reign free.

For further support, feel free to connect with me for a soul session.

Together with my Akashic Records team,

I can help you “free” any stuck or shut-down places within you

so that you can move forward with ease and magic.

Here’s to joyful co-creation in our galactic REPUBLIC OF LOVE!


Cynthia Starborn
Soul Guide and Teacher
Akashic Records Soul Clearing



Dedicated to all men of honor and integrity…our real-life, everyday heroes

*Fathers’ Day 2013*

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane! It’s a… super man!

Yes, that’s you—soaring above stereotypes

on your unique mission of truth,

while leaping tall obstacles

in a single bound, or many,

but never giving up.


Your cape these days comes in diverse

 colors, sizes, and shapes.

You may date Lois Lane, or Pete Ross, or both.

But the “S” of sincerity on your beating heart

marks your leadership

 in our planetary Justice League.


You’re not afraid to shine your x-ray vision

 through the veils of illusion

to expose doubt and fear as fraud

and to illuminate the truth of who we really are.

Nor do you shrink from opening your heart

 to the whisper of  your Beloved

or the outstretched hand of a child

eager to walk in your footsteps.

You have the strength to move mountains

 with your courage, commitment, and love.


And though some days, you may forget to love

 “the man in the mirror,”

and may momentarily slip and fall,

still, you always get back up,

straighten your cape, and fly on.


Through it all, as you soar through your dreams

with integrity as your goal,

and with your loved ones by your side,

you are more powerful

than any comic-book hero has ever been…

and you are always a super man

to me.

–Cynthia Starborn



 April 2013

Dear Soulful Friends,

As an avid runner, born in Massachusetts, I found that the tragic events at the Boston Marathon earlier this week brought tears to my eyes…and a sense of renewed commitment to our collective “Marathon of Love.” 

Many of us “Light-runners” may have thought, or at least hoped, that after logging so many miles and going up so many hills in the years leading up to 2012, that by this point in spring 2013 we would have crossed the collective “finish line” of our time of challenge.  And yet as the events in Boston and other areas around the globe show, we are still being challenged to dig deep, deep inside…to find an inner core of strength and integrity that no bomb can ever blow away…and to join together, even stronger, as a unified human race of love…holding space for a world where everyone can share their unique gifts together, and everyone can win.

We are here on this planet as TEAM LOVE.  Let us offer a loving embrace to all our beloved teammates affected by the recent events in Boston… and in other areas around the globe.   And may we stand firm in our resolution that in the “long run,” LOVE WILL PREVAIL.  With every step we take, may we commit to the power of Love prevailing, first and foremost, in our hearts, so that we can each BE a champion of Love.


This Earth Day, let’s find ways to come together in the spirit of Love.  Whether we take time to play

with a child, to talk with a neighbor, to really “be” with a friend or lover, or simply to look with compassionate eyes at the people we pass on the street, may we find ways throughout our day to co-create a life that “runs” on Love.


Blessings to each and every one of you for your valuable contribution to TEAM LOVE.




Cynthia Starborn



This Valentine’s season and beyond,

may you always know the LOVE that you are!

Here’s a poem to grace your hearts.


The Divine

gazes in your eyes

 with each rising of the sun:

“Come, let’s beam together, as one!”

The Divine

extends a loving hand

across each bridge,

each field,

each step of your path:

“Come, let’s walk together, as one!”

The Divine

breathes passion,

like fire,

into your heart and hips

each time you open to bliss:

“Come, let’s dance together, as one!”

The Divine

proposes to you

with Love

in the pulsing stars

each night:

“Valentine, Valentine,

will you BE mine?

Come, let’s






–Cynthia Starborn

All material  © Cynthia Starborn 2013.  All rights reserved.



Namaste!  As my holiday gift, I am honored to share with you a poem that I wrote with Spirit on Christmas Eve 2011.  The poem is called “A Holy Day.”  See below for an audio recording, as well as the text.

All material  © Cynthia Starborn 2011.  All rights reserved.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Every day is a holy day.

Every moment, a sacred chance

to dance with the Divine more deeply.

When it seems there is no room at the inn

for the Christ consciousness you are birthing within,

Open the manger of your heart wider.

When darkness seems to surround you,

and earthly kings are seeking their way,

Shine your star brighter in the night sky.

And when all you hear around you

is the braying of donkeys,

Sing, my child, sing.

Sing with the voice of an angel

Playing the harp of Love for all.

Sing with the voice of a dove,

Spreading Peace across the land.

Sing with the voice of a shepherd

Calling each sheep by name.

The time is now

to walk like a Master

And celebrate

the holy communion

Of us all.

–Cynthia Starborn

All material  © Cynthia Starborn 2011.  All rights reserved.